WYM Office Hours

Donne Hayden, WYM Interim Office Administrator, is in the yearly meeting office on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. 

Office Hours: 10:00-2:00 (Fri., Sat., & Mon.) or by appointment.

WYM Office Phone: 937-382-2491.  (If no answer, please leave a message so she can call you back.)


Donne works 3 days a week in the office as Office Administrator for WYM and 3 days a week as Office Administrator for Compass Christian Church in Mason, OH.  She also works on WYM matters from her computer at home.

From Fri.-Mon., when she works in Wilmington, she usually stays in her small travel trailer parked at a seasonal campground on Cowan Lake.  She is a member of Cincinnati Friends Meeting, but being in Wilmington on Sundays, she attends various meetings in the area.