Donne Hayden, WYM Interim Office Administrator

Donne Hayden, WYM Interim Office Administrator

The Executive Committee, recognizing the need to have someone in the office to keep things going until we find a new  Executive Secretary, has hired a TEMPORARY and PART-TIME Office Administrator to serve in the interim. After interviewing two candidates, the Executive Committee has selected Donne Hayden for the position. Donne brings impressive experience and credentials to the position and I am confident that she will do a wonderful job for us until we are ready to hire a new Executive Secretary.


Donne will have regular Office Hours in the yearly meeting office from 10:00-2:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. Other times can be arranged by appointment.


Donne Hayden:   "The Executive Committee was careful to create this position as temporary and administrative, not including spiritual or theological leadership for the yearly meeting.  I am conscious of that distinction, content with it, and would like everyone in WYM to remember that I am not the WYM Executive Secretary, a position with much broader responsibilities than Interim Office Administrator.

             In assuming the position of WYM Interim Office Administrator, I am led to work on organizing YM information (files, etc.) and improving communication to & from Meetings with the WYM office. My plans include updating directories and contact lists; improving the YM website, i.e.,  making it more "alive" and therefore user-friendly; and setting up a YM Facebook page.  The YM must take advantage of social media in order to reach people (especially younger ones) who nowadays find most things by looking on the Internet.  AT THE SAME TIME, we must find ways to include those folks who do not use email or other forms of electronic communication.  I will be asking a great deal of care and cooperation from individuals and monthly meetings.


Donne will be a great asset to us as she serves our Lord and Wilmington Yearly Meeting. Please do what you can to make her welcome!