Campus Friends began meeting in 1948 and was born out of a desire among Quaker students and staff at Wilmington College to participate in an unprogrammed worship group. At that time, there were no unprogrammed meetings in Wilmington Yearly Meeting, and many of these Friends came from unprogrammed Quaker traditions. They were hungering for a worship experience that was familiar and meaningful to them.

In 1954, Campus Friends was officially recognized as a monthly meeting in Wilmington Yearly Meeting. Friends met for worship in the ensemble room of the Fine Arts building. Sunday school was held in various rooms in nearby buildings.

When Wilmington College built the Thomas R. Kelly Religious Center in 1962, Campus Friends began meeting for worship there. Five years later—in 1967—Campus Friends decided to take on dual affiliation. Ever since, Campus Friends Meeting has been part of Wilmington Yearly Meeting, as well as part of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting. Campus Friends has enjoyed serving as a bridge meeting—bringing programmed and unprogrammed Friends together.

In 2005, the T. Canby Jones Meetinghouse was built, and Campus Friends moved meeting for worship there. Campus Friends continues to be an important part of the life of Wilmington College and of the community itself.