John 5: 2-9: “Do you want to be made well?”
This was the topic addressed by Wilmington Yearly Meeting as it assembled in its 117th annual session July 24 to 27, 2008. Visiting Friends from six different yearly meetings and six Friends organizations joined us at various venues in and around Wilmington Ohio. We recognized and celebrated ways in which we are in good health. Approval of new members of the Board of Trustees of Wilmington College, the recording of the gifts of ministry of four persons, the large number of participants in the Young Friends program, and holding sessions in two delightful new meeting houses are all signs of our wellness. We also faced ways in which we as a yearly meeting are unwell and envisioned possible paths to wellness. We seek ways forward through concerns about dwindling membership and differences of opinion regarding theology and individual behavior. We pray for wellness for all Friends who read this epistle knowing that all are in some way in need and that God is the Great Healer. We, Wilmington Yearly Meeting, are trying to take up our mat and walk. We invite Friends everywhere to walk with us.

2008 Epistle Committee:
Robert Beck
Canby Jones
Debbie Knight
Robert McNemar
Andrea Scott
Douglas Woodmansee

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