See Elmer H. Brown, Jr.'s 1940 Dissertation from Butler University: 

A History of Wilmington Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

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(Above image & text courtesy of Karen Campbell)

Article from the August 17, 1870 issue of the Miami-Gazette newspaper, Waynesville, Ohio
On Monday afternoon the Franklin College Building and grounds [in Wilmington, Ohio] were offered for sale at public auction by the Sheriff of Clinton County at the door of the Court House.
General A. W. Doan, on behalf of the Society of Friends, made the only bid that was offered, two thirds of the appraised value, and it was knocked down to him at $11,333.33.
Committees representing the quarterlies of Miami, Fairfield and Center were present and witnessed the sale and purchase. The Friends have certainly secured a great bargain in this purchase, as there are fifteen acres of desirable grounds attached, and the building in its present unfinished state could not have cost less than $25,000. The several committees above referred to are to meet here again on the day of the Sabbath School celebration and determine upon an immediate course of procedure, looking to the completion of the edifice and preparing it for the purpose intended by the purchase.
The ample grounds are also sufficient for a Yearly Meetinghouse, and this purchase will be the great preliminary move toward securing that desirable branch of the Friends’ Annual Assemblage at Wilmington.
Friends changed the name of the college to Wilmington College.  Twenty-two years later, in 1892, when Wilmington Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends was established, its annual gathering held on the grounds of Wilmington College.  Below is a photo of the "parking lot" at the 1909 Yearly Meeting held on the college campus.


Wilmington Yearly Meeting is part of the larger Quaker world which includes these organizations:

  • American Friends Service Committee has been serving in practical ways since 1917 in the areas of social justice, development and peace. They base their work on the Friends belief in the value of every person and the power of love.

  • Earlham School of Religion a Christian graduate theological school in the Quaker tradition located in Richmond, IN.  ESR educates their students in leadership in public ministry; including pastoral ministry, pastoral counseling, peace and justice activities, spiritual direction, teaching, and writing.

  • Friends United Meeting is an international association of Friends Meetings and Churches, organized for more effective Christian ministry, outreach and evangelism of which we are grateful to support.

  • Friends Committee on National Legislation seeks to help Friends share the concerns of Friends about peace and justice issues to our representatives in Washington, and also to let Friends know what is happening on these issues. Their page has many great links and features. Check it out!

  • Friends Disaster Service  Friends in Wilmington Yearly Meeting have participated with Friends of other Yearly Meetings in many of the disaster recovery projects of the Friends Disaster Service. FDS Projects have included work helping in cleanup and rebuilding after tornadoes in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma.   They have also worked on cleanup after Hurricanes in the Southern United States, earthquakes in Guatemala, Mexico City, and El Salvador.  FDS built 38 houses, 6 barns, and 6 churches and helped in mission projects as far a field as Romania in 1994.

  • Friends World Committee for Consultation World Office

  • Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas

  • Ohio Council of Churches

  • Peace Resource Center   located on the Wilmington College Campus in Wilmington, Ohio

  • Quaker Bolivia Link

  • Quaker Hill Conference Center in Richmond, Indiana

  • Right Sharing of World Resources a Quaker organization that provides grants to small grassroots organization sin the developing world; and helps North American Friends learn about the affects of poverty in the developing world and the effects of materialism in North America.

  • United Society of Friends Women International -   international organization of Friends (Quaker) women involving twenty-six yearly meetings in Africa, Cuba, Jamaica & the US

  • Wilmington College - A Quaker College in Wilmington, Ohio

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