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May 19, 10 am - 3 pm


Here is our Agenda:

10:00-11:00  Committee Meetings: Session 1

11:00-12:00  Committee Meetings: Session 2

12:00-12:30  Lunch (Bring your own bag lunch)

1:00-3:00    Joint Meeting of Executive Committee,

                  Ministry & Counsel, and Permanent Board

NOTE:  The Meeting WILL and MUST end promptly

at 3:00 as we must vacate the premises at the

scheduled time so as not to abuse the hospitality

provided by Berea Friends Meeting!

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Dick Gray will see to the upkeep of the new playset at Quaker Knoll and submit any bills to the Trustees.

Jacob Armlovich of Jamestown Meeting has agreed to mow at Green Plain for $200/month.

Cuba and New Burlington will be reimbursed for 2016 camp fees from the Highland Scholarship Fund.

$500 will be sent to Camp Board to help with the cost of the flooring in Quaker Knoll house.


Officers were named:

Clerk—Duane Early

Treasurer—Gary Farlow

Representative to Camp Board—David Hackney

Recording Clerk—Cathy Hadley


A total of $2000 will be sent to Camp Board for the new flooring for Quaker Knoll House.

Gary Farlow will create a form for committees to request funds from the trustees.

A reminder will be sent to committees that a single trustee cannot promise money to a committee.

Any dispersal above $2000 needs both clerk and treasurer approval.

Duane Early will contact John Walt to see if he will do a financial review of the Trustees in Jan. 2018.


John Walt has agreed to conduct a financial review for the Trustees.

We will begin to post dates and times of our meetings.  Actions approved will also be posted.


It was approved to provide up to $3000 for TN to purchase a 6x12 pull-along trailer for use with their camping program.  Paul Chapman will head this up.


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