Deadline to Apply ~ Sept. 6

Seeking candidates with the following background, characteristics and skills:

• A Christ-centered Friend, with spiritual depth and commitment to Quaker principles.
• Knowledge of Quaker history, testimonies & organizations and experience with group discernment and Quaker process.
• Appreciation of and respect for the diversity in the Religious Society of Friends and in Wilmington Yearly Meeting.
• Friendly, outgoing personality with ability to work with persons of diverse backgrounds and interaction styles.
• Strong organizational, administrative and facilitating skills.
• Some knowledge of nonprofit financial management helpful.
• Experience in providing staff support to boards and committees.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Tech-savvy, skilled in use of computer applications, including those for office, website, & blog, and all forms of social media (MSWord, Excel, Publisher, MailChimp, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, PayPal, Venmo, Square Up, etc.).
• Ability to handle a job with multiple demands and a non-traditional work week.
• College degree or equivalent training and experience helpful.
• Minimum of two years related professional work experience.
• Resides in or near Wilmington, Ohio and has a broad knowledge and understanding of local ways and resources for projects, missions, and events.
• A personal car is essential.

• The YM Coordinator fosters communication among Friends in Wilmington Yearly Meeting through sharing of news and events via the Yearly Meeting list-serve, website and other social media. The YM Coordinator understands that communication requires multiple forms, from hard copies sent to those who do not use email to the latest app trending among the young. An essential part of this position is maintaining an up-to-date calendar on the WYM website & sharing up-to-date contact information, directories, & committee email lists.

• The YM Coordinator provides support to the Clerk and Recording Clerk of Wilmington Yearly Meeting, serving as a resource and assisting in preparation of information and documents for the annual yearly meeting and half-year meeting, and looks for ways to be helpful to monthly meetings, committees, and individuals.

• The YM Coordinator is responsible for collecting & organizing all materials related to yearly meeting sessions and for publishing & distributing the annual Yearly Meeting Minute Book. The YM Coordinator also collects, organizes, publishes, shares/distributes YM-wide documents, such as annual State of Society Reports, Advance Reports for yearly meeting, etc.

• The YM Coordinator supports all committees as needed, regularly assisting and attending meetings of the Executive Committee, the Permanent Board, the Committee on Ministry and Counsel (spiritual nurture of the Meeting), the YM Planning Committee, and the Trustees (oversight of assets and management of endowment funds).

• The YM Coordinator will attend each Quarterly Meeting twice a year, and represent WYM at FUM Board meetings.

• The YM Coordinator handles reservations for Quaker Knoll Camp & Retreat Center, sending out & receiving reservation forms, communicating with the QK caretaker, and Quaker Knoll website admin, and sharing an up-to-date online reservation calendar. (Ideally reservation capabilities and online calendar can soon be added to the QK website.)

• The YM Coordinator receives monies given to the YM or generated by YM sponsored activities for bank deposit and transmits to the YM bookkeeper records of all such collections and deposits. The Coordinator also receives receipts and authorizes payments from the YM accounts for YM activities.

This position description is a general picture of assignments; however, this employee needs to be flexible and can expect to be called to help in a variety of ways that cannot always be anticipated in the written description.

A Supervisory Committee will be drawn from the Executive Committee for the YM Coordinator. This committee will provide a 90-day performance review, and at least an annual review thereafter.

YM Coordinator is a part-time position, which includes some telecommuting. Generally, the YM expects 20-25 hours of work per week, 50 weeks per year. The normal work week should include 15 hours of regularly scheduled office hours during which the YM Coordinator is available for personal contact with WYM members/attenders, members of the public or Wilmington College community. The Yearly Meeting understands that some weeks the work can be done in fewer than 20 hours, while other weeks may require 30-40 hours, depending on the events in the yearly meeting.

The salary is $2000 per month.

The Yearly Meeting expects this position to be an ongoing commitment subject to an annual review.

Approved by WYM Executive Committee, 8/24/2019.

To apply, contact Mike Miller